Modern Health: What Went Wrong?

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Modern Health: What Went Wrong?


The modern age brought with it many great advances in medicine and technology. Humanity is on the verge of curing cancer, has wiped out many of the most harmful diseases, and has made distance a trivial concern in communication. However, when it comes to broad human health, being modern carries several negative effects as well. Illnesses associated with living in the Western World are often called illness of affluence or simply Western Diseases. read more

How To Say “Adrenal Fatigue” In 23 Foreign Languages

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How To Say “Adrenal Fatigue” In 23 Foreign Languages


It was Dr. James Wilson who coined the term “Adrenal Fatigue” in 1998, but Adrenal Fatigue has been (and often still is) referred to by many other names such as Non-Addison’s hypoadrenia,  sub-clinical hypoadrenia, Neurasthenia, General adaptation syndrome, Adrenal neurasthenia, Adrenal apathy, Adrenaline fatigue, HPA axis dysfunction, Adrenal burnout, Adrenal exhaustion, functional hypoadrenia and functional Adrenal stress. These are all used as synonyms for Adrenal Fatigue in the English language and I was curious to see whether Adrenal Fatigue has direct equivalents in other languages.
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