Want Six-Pack Abs? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

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Want Six-Pack Abs? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t


Six-pack abs have a reputation for being the ultimate sign of health and peak fitness. Many people dream about having a six-pack, and some make it a goal. In reality, six-pack abs are not all they are cracked up to be, and are generally not worth pursuing (especially not if you suffer from Adrenal fatigue). Superficiality and vanity explain their popularity, rather than genuine interest in fitness or good health.


Six-pack abs are not identical with peak physical condition


First of all, having six-pack abs is not identical to being in peak physical condition. Now, this doesn’t mean that people with six-packs aren’t fit — in fact, you must be in amazing shape to have a six-pack. Rather, the point is that it’s perfectly possible to be in great physical condition without even being close to a six-pack. Just look at professional and Olympic athletes. Yes, some of them have six-packs — but many do not.


Roger Federer doesn’t have a six-pack. But at age 35 he sure is fit, he recently won the Australian Open after a five-set battle with Rafael Nadal.


Six-pack abs are functionally useless


Now, what about the six-pack itself? Does it play a big part in advanced fitness and health? The answer is no. The six-pack is a sign of a strong, developed core, which is an important part of being in good shape — however, the abs are only a small part of the core. The core muscles are those contained in the lower and upper back, stomach, chest, and hips. Fitness enthusiasts should concentrate on those other areas just as much as their abs — not to mention the rest of the body.


More importantly, six-pack abs are functionally useless. Six-pack abs obviously require strong abdomen muscles. But, that’s only part of what’s needed. People who have six-packs must adhere to stringent, severe diets, consisting mostly of vegetables and lean protein, with virtually no leeway allowed. This is because without a very low percentage of body fat, the abs will never be visible, no matter how developed they are. In fact, being extremely thin plays a larger component in getting a six-pack than does strength. Since it’s quite possible to have extremely strong abdomen muscles without a six-pack, the six-pack on its own serves no real purpose.


If you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, strict dieting or caloric restriction is NOT a good idea


Here’s why….


Any time that you are NOT answering your body’s needs for energy with sufficient amounts of fuel, you put your adrenal glands under stress. This is because your adrenals act as your body’s shock absorbers (enabling your body to adapt to a stressful situation). Caloric restricting or strict diering is a stressful situation for your body. When your blood sugar levels drop too low because you are not eating enough your body responds to this by releasing cortisol. Cortisol helps the liver to convert glycogen to glucose to raise blood sugar levels in order to increase your energy level. But if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, your fatigued adrenals already have difficulty producing enough cortisol. If you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and you wish to get well again, further draining your adrenals is probably the last thing you want!


For people with adrenal fatigue it is best to you eat regular nutrient dense meals and you give the body what it needs. Then the adrenal glands don’t have to work very hard and stay happy so to speak. And whenever you find yourself in an intense moment of acute stress, your adrenals will do the job they are suppose to do: create energy in life threatening/ high stress situations.


In Summary


Six-pack abs are often really more about looking good than being in good shape. While there’s nothing wrong with caring about your looks, most people should be concentrating on more basic goals than a six-pack. Good health is also more important than showy (but useless) muscles. The only people who should seriously consider pursuing the six-pack abs dream are those who are already in fantastic shape. If — like most of us — you are far from peak physical condition, simply focus on eating healthier and working out regularly.


Six-pack abs are not inherently unhealthy or bad. If you are the proud owner of a sixpack, you feel energetic, have a healthy body and positive outlook on life, keep doing what you are doing 🙂 I know it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, so nothing but respect for your dedication and drive. High-five!




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